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EEA Registration Certificate

Prove your right to live in the UK as an EU Citizen

If you wish to prove your right to live or work in the UK, you may can apply for a Registration Certificate.

Although there is no mandatory requirement for you to obtain a Registration Certificate, you may find it useful and indeed necessary to prove your status and legal rights to any prospective employer or education provider particularly in the current ‘Brexit’ political climate.

are a European national and are working, self-employed, studying or self-sufficient, then you may be eligible to apply for a ‘Registration Certificate’ confirming your rights of residence and work in the UK.

How to apply for a Registration Certificate

You and your EEA family members may apply by filling in a relevant application form and sending this to the Home Office, including your supporting documents and a payment of £65. It may take up to 6 months for paper applications to be completed.

Alternatively at GB Immigration we can assist you with making a same-day visa premium service application at designated premium service centers so that you can get your decision on the same day. There are no additional Home Office fees for this service

How GB Immigration can help

At GB Immigration, as specialists in UK immigration law, we can offer a full service to clients that require advice and assistance for their immigration needs. The quality of an initial application can make the difference between the success and failure of that application. It can be very frustrating to make an application only to find out when you receive the decision that your application did not contain the correct documentation and satisfactory explanation of your circumstances to ensure approval.

Our immigration team can help you navigate the often confusing maze of UK immigration law and assist you in deciding the most appropriate route.


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