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Do you know your right to British Nationality?

UK is a wonderful country to be a part of. Your journey in this amazing country becomes more joyful if you are a citizen free of all immigration controls. This statement doesn’t say Immigrants aren’t welcomed in UK, but it does quote the freedom and opportunities a citizen carries with them. And that would always be a bit more than somebody who is still an immigrant living on his/her visa rights.

Who can apply?

Application to get the British nationality can be made by somebody who is married to a British citizen or by those who now meet the criteria for ‘Naturalisation’ and attain the British nationality. Only individuals above the age of 18 can apply for naturalisation, with no past criminal records, broken laws, fulfil English language requirements etc. The person should also have received an indefinite leave to remain in UK or as a EEA national, have a permanent residence in UK.

The process to be followed

Below few points should always be deliberated upon with regards to the Naturalisation application:

  • The person should have an ILR or a permanent residence in UK for at least 12 months to be considered as a valid applicant.
  • The application can only be sent via post with complete documentation and forms. Only then the application is considered for further action.

Post the application approval, the individual is provided a Certificate of Naturalisation at a Citizenship ceremony. The individual then gets the right to apply for British passport anytime.

GB Immigration understands your needs

Your Immigration status can sometimes become a big block to your success. In a foreign country, with limited access as an Immigrant, you may roam as free as any other citizen but would still not have access to the rights and opportunities a citizen has. It is always advised to apply for a British citizenship, once you fulfil the criteria. And, there would be no better organisation than GB Immigration to help you with the whole process.

Become a UK citizen and get your right to live forever in one of the most developed and cultured nations of this world.

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